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Once they were frozen, I was able to put them in a ziplock to keep in the freezer and not take up so much room. Whisk vigorously until completely smooth. There’s nothing worse than chiseling out a pie crust. It’s also Eric’s favourite dessert. This is like the healthiest ‘French Silk Pie’ I’ve ever seen, that doesn’t look healthy! Nothing drives me crazier than knowing I have chocolate taunting me from my freezer. All rights reserved. This looks incredible! I know he and I feel the same about carrots!). All that work and time and no one really loved it…boo hoo…, Hi there! If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m not a big fan of Oh I just love all of your recipes! Hi Angela! Best Baking Cookbooks Top Cookbooks Vegan Food Online Vegan Food List How To Become Vegan Vegetarian Lifestyle Vegan Meal Plans My Cookbook Fun Cooking. Amazing !! I made this on Sunday night but we didn’t try it until last night. Thanks Angela. MmmM!! So great thank you!!!!! Keep it refrigerated over night? Notes: 1) If your dates are firm, soak dates in a bowl of water for 30 minutes prior to starting. Or you can simply skip the freezer and let it set in the fridge…might be easier that way. Peta. A very small amount of toasted coconut sprinkled on top just prior to serving elicited oohs and aahs. 2. so I might half the recipe. Keep up the good work! it’s beautiful! Thank you for the recipe. (I’m only 12 yearrs old). Thank you! I love the saltiness of the crust and the creaminess of the topping, it’s my new favourite treat. My daughter said she wanted it for dessert every week! 3 hours, or until firm throughout. I can relate to your frequent grocery trips…heh. You can make them in less than 15 minutes b. they’re so much healthier than traditional desserts and c. you can change the ingredients and make variations all the time. We ate it slowly so we could savor every mouthful. Thanks for sharing! :) If you try anything out I’d love to hear how it goes. Easy to make and totally impressed my friends. I can’t wait to make it. I’ve tried googling it but to not avail so guessing I’m the only one rather flummoxed by this! See more ideas about Recipes, Food, Eat. But to be honest, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of Angela’s recipes! Oh this looks amazing!! So excited to make this! After looking into a number of the blog articles on your web Silly question…why take pie out of the dish?? You’re in luck – I have 3 pages of recipes. It was a big hit! Leaving it out a little longer like 15-20 mins makes it closer to mousse texture, amazing dessert!!! I have made this dessert twice and it has been an absolute hit! This looks absolutely amazing. Few friends of mine don’t like coconut. Diary is an issue for my family. Thank you thank you!! I love so many of your recipes, Angela. Thanks for a new dessert go-to. This was absolutely delicious! xx, Just made this on Sunday and OH MY GOODNESS (!!!!!!!) My Brother & his wife really dislike the flavor of maple. Happy Halloween! What would you do if no arrowroot? In addition to being gluten-free and dairy-free, it should also be labelled guilt-free. ), so no-bake recipes are my new jam! No other chocolate dessert can compare! Thats great! You´re such an inspiration! But it didn’t detract at all from the flavor or the lovely look of the tart. The sweetness of the crust perfectly balanced the rich, not-too-sweet bitter chocolate filling. The raw pumpkin pie is heavenly and has been a great crowd pleaser :). I am very much a dairy free fan; thank you for this recipe. One to try and the second to take to a gathering of friends. every time I see a photo of that torte I almost die with longing and want to put a fork to my screen =) Thanks for making a no bake version, I will have to try make it now- I loathe using the oven in Florida during the summer time!! I don’t know about you, but double chocolate pretty much always wins in my books, so my Chilled Double Chocolate Torte is at the top of the list. Hubby had one of those gargantuan dark chocolate bars from Trader Joe’s, so this was a good way to put a dent in it. Is it possible to omit them or sub with something else? And I especially love the nut-based crust, since I can’t eat spelt. Scoop mixture onto prepared pan and press down firmly and evenly with slightly wet fingers or a spatula. so easy to make. Im trying not to exaggarate, but I think this is the best vegan dessert I’ve ever tried! Made with coconut milk, fresh spices and veggies! Can’t wait to try it! I’m going to see my family for holidays (whom I haven’t seen for 2.5 years) and I wanna make a delicious pie, cake or tart to really impress and prove the point that vegan food can be not just as good but way better! list and will be checking back in the near future. Will definitely have to try this recipe! looks so impressive tooooo. Remember that? Just looking at that creamy chocolate goodness calling my name I know this is a jaw dropper, lick my plate clean type of dessert. This is one of the tastiest desserts I have ever made, and hubby and his grandmother (who were my guinea pigs) were given the torte and not told the ingredients until afterwards, it was a huge hit. (Well, maybe not EVER – but it’s pretty amazing!!). Prepare the rest of your vegetable toppings and wash + dry the lettuce wraps. Find member reviews, ratings, directions, ingredients, and more. For the few people who seem to be able to taste a very slight bit of avocado after freezing, I wanted to mention that adding a tiny bit of dark molasses and a tiny bit of coffee can cover that up marvelously I have to try making this soon. Making a chocolate pie when you live alone is dangerous!! I made this torte once before and have been craving it ever since. I plan to make this tomorrow. It was so easy to make and absolutely decadent. Always a good sign. We just made this amazing tart this weekend. Often labeled on its packaging as “Chinese BBQ Sauce” in English, sha cha sauce is a mixture of shallots, garlic, seafood, and chilies that yields a savory, vaguely seafood-y, umami-laden condiment perfect for stir-fries. My. :) Happy Halloween! thanks so much for the raw version yum! I know that maple syrup and agave nectar are supposed to be healthier than most sweeteners but they still contain sugars. My fiancé is licking the bowl and he HATES avocado! I LOVE your website and your book….more books please! Would you be able to send it to me please?? Thanks for sharing! I love the filling! I made this yesterday and I absolutely love it!! Bahaha, my family always teases me for bringing over pans of squares or cake with pieces missing. That is such a delicious tart. I am seriously craving chocolate now. Your pictures are lovely! It got a bit soft, but it did not melt at all. it was bittersweet, dark chocolate chip or what? I made it in cupcake liners. Everyone loved it at my dinner party- vegans & non vegans alike! You know that person that sits at their desk with the space heater on because the office cranks the AC? Thank you so much for posting this recipe. Oh wow, this looks AMAZING! Can I use whole wheat and get the same texture/taste results? I’m using this recipe to feed a large group for a dessert after a main meal in a few days time, so trying to get an idea for timings. It came out like a nice thick pudding. Yes cornstarch will work in it’s place. This recipe is just “THE BEST”, I have made this pie/tart sooo many times now and it is ALWAYS a hit :)). :) I just might have to link to this recipe too. Goodness. I’m having people over on a weeknight and would like to make this dessert. I’m really excited to share it with our guests tomorrow. I will definitely add it next time I make it – there WILL be a next time! 2) You can totally skip the coconut whipped cream if you prefer. Calling all chocolate macaroon lovers! Thanks! Is there something I could substitute? the no-bake was better than ANY non-vegan dessert! Oh my goodness Angela, I made this last night for our Valentine’s day dessert and it was to die for! Definitely make this recipe, it’s super easy, no baking required and delicious to boot! and if so, my question is why, what do they put in it to get that texture? Replaced the dates with figs paste (i live in spain) and it is wonderful. That way no one will be the wiser. PPS – Don’t forget there is still time to enter The Oh She Glows Tea Shoppe giveaway! They were a big hit!! And I couldn’t figure out the point of the flax seeds, in such a small quantity, and I couldn’t find them ground anyway. Everyone loved this. It looks absolutely amazing! Glowing reviews from all! I can’t see why not :) you might have to use less or more, so add to taste, Making this for like the twentieth time today (hehe) and it’s definitely my favourite vegan dessert recipe so far

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