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You can spray this inner lens with water and then wipe it away (do not submerge the lens under water). Empire has combined cutting edge design with input from vastly experienced players to create the Empire Mask lineup. The Vents lens system is quick to change and comes in a variety of clear and smoked lens colours. Each of our best paintball mask recommendations are five star rating to ensure you have the best. Empire has created a paintball mask that has appearance, protection, and breathability, all in one serious package. It is mandatory at most legal paintball parks to have an ASTM approved paintball mask. The possibility of this happening with inferior and older style goggles is always a possibility amongst persons with smaller ‘hat’ sizes. Modern paintball guns typically fall into 3 main categories: Pump Paintball Guns, Mechanical Paintball Guns, and Electronic Paintball Guns. Vforce offers a variety of colours, designs and limited special editions. The lightest, most comfortable and technically advanced goggle systems in the paintball industry. Read below! Q: Won’t a full head goggle system make me hot? For this reason, it is very important that your measure the velocity that your paintball gun shoots so that you do not exceed 300 fps. Badlands is the largest Tippmann dealer in Canada and keeps maximum stock for your paintball mask needs. white paintball mask. Q: Do they ever steam-up? The predator mask overlays the mask and is glued on using a factory sealant. Get your paintball mask case and keep your goggle investment clean and protected. The Empire E-Flex Strap Complete - Black/White is designed specifically for the E-Flex Goggle. As we’ve said, a mask is not something to cheap out on. One disadvantage of thermal lenses is the softer, inside lens is prone to scratching. Paintball masks. Apparel at This mask is Anti fog and has Yellow Lenses attached. Factory replacement strap for your VForce Profiler goggles - all models. There are 398 paintball mask for sale on Etsy, and they cost CA$95.50 on average. 4.0 out of 5 stars 92. Our staff members who wear glasses highly recommend the Empire EVS or Vforce Profiler, but most paintball masks should fit over your glasses. Tippmann is known for its long lasting, durable, high-quality paintball products. This allows you to enjoy your day in greater comfort and safety than ever before. A: Many small operators simply cannot afford the cost to make the switch. The Virtue VIO Ascend is combining high-end performance with a mid-range price tag. Check out the Dye Paintball Mask. A: Having a ‘top’ to them means this protective mask system cannot possibly slip down. The DYE i5 is available in a variety of colour combinations and special editions. Need more information or help choosing a paintball mask? Picking the right mask is crucial; the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable while playing paintball because you picked a mask that doesn't fit your face properly, doesn't have a high quality lens, … Thankfully, the paintball industry has since developed a wide range of paintball masks offering comfort, style, and most importantly, safety. From the Dye i3, Dye i4 and Dye i5, Dye paintball masks are the lightest and smallest masks for paintball. $17.99 $ 17. Paintball lenses are rated to withstand the impact from paintballs traveling up to 300 fps. Vforce paintball masks are known for their comfort, style and easy to change lens system. The standard models include the Armor, Shield, Profiler and Grill paintball masks. © Delta Force Paintball Canada 1989 - 2020. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! The KLR paintball mask holds superior in protection and comfort while maintaining a small profile. Defcon paintball gear is your number one paintball equipment store in Canada. The outer lens is covered with a tough, anti-scratch coating, which helps protect it from scratches. Higher end paintball goggle systems usually come with a “thermal” or dual-pane lens. The Push Unite goggle combines decades of knowledge from the most influential players in the game. It is highly recommended that you use a microfiber cloth to wipe your lens and to never scrub, or rub your lens too hard. Since 1994, DYE continues to innovate within the sport of paintball; constantly raising the bar and releasing revolutionary products. Picking a good paintball mask can be vital to your success on the field. The goggles are no more hot to use than the older style versions. The goggles seldom ‘steam-up’ and if you are able to get them fogged, we have a simple de-mist solution available in the base camp. Dye Paintball Mask Replacement I4 Lens Dyetanium Clear Thermal. Many paintball goggles offer a quick-change lens system. Find your best-fitted white paintball mask from DHgate Canada site. The mask looks amazing and will make you the person to fear on the field. Free shipping on orders over $150.00 The next evolution in the DYE goggle line is also the next evolution in paintball eye and face protection technology. The most important part of your mask is your paintball lens. NINAT Tactical Paintball Mask Airsoft Masks Full Face with Lens Goggles Eye Protection for CS Survival Games Airsoft Shooting Halloween Cosplay Safety Mask Black Green Tan Grey 4.3 out of 5 stars 540. Factory replacement strap for your VForce Grill goggle - all models. Over 40,000 shoppers have chosen us … The Dye I5 is the next iteration in … Protect your head while staying tactical! The inner lens does not have this coating. Check out all our Dye Paintball Goggle and Mask Line up. There is a struggle between providing adequate protection to the face and ears, while at the same time having the paintball mask fit as closely to the face as possible, so as to provide the smallest possible target. The Virtue VIO Extend paintball mask can be considered a hybrid: … Get your Paintball equipment for cheap. Cheap red devil mask might be everywhere but those in … Check out the Empire Paintball Mask. Complete with anti-fog lenses, the masks are well-ventilated so you’ll always have perfect visibility in the heat of battle. The Dye Masks are Innovative and will change the way you play the game. paintball half masks. Q: Why aren’t all paintball operators using these goggles also? These are your eyes you are trying to protect so don’t mess around. Whether to comfort or decoration, we provide a range of styles to assist you in making appropriate choices of green clay mask online. The classic example of this struggle is the DYE I4 Paintball Mask – this highly popular paintball mask clings very closely to the face, and if you have a wide face, then the lower part of your cheeks will likely be left exposed. Comfort, Style, Features, and Fit. A Paintball mask case is a great way to keep your paintball mask safe and protected when you put it in your gear bag. Every paintball mask offered by Badlands has ASTM certification and is approved for paintball play. Get your lens for various weather conditions. Wacinten Upgrated 6800 Full Face Mask Facepiece Respirator for Dust Painting Spraying Paint Decoration Woodworking, Mask Set (1PC Mask+2PCs Filter Box+2PCs Filter Cover+10 PCs Filter Cotton) CDN$ 45.89 CDN$ 45 . The Vforce line of paintball goggles are sold with a single lens, and due to the design of the goggle system and the anti-fog coating used on the lens, most players find that these goggles never fog. Compatible with Empire Vents Triangle Clip Rivet - RS, Compatible with Empire Helix, Vents and E'Vent Masks. The odds were stacked against us but Win or Lose lets make other teams work for the... © 2020 Badlands Inc. All Rights Reserved. Make sure you wear a paintball mask when you play, and most importantly - keep your goggles on! The next paintball mask reviewed in this article … Every paintball mask offered by Badlands has ASTM certification and is approved for paintball play. The lens is what you see your game through and what keeps your eyes protected on the field. A paintball marker is not a toy. Empire has combined cutting edge design with input from vastly experienced players to create the Empire Mask lineup. Not all masks will be comfortable for you, and some may offer less protection than you would like. Delta Force has invested heavily into this goggle system to make certain your experience with us remains as exciting as possible without compromising your safety. Most manufacturers recommend replacing your lens at least once a year. Whether to comfort or decoration, we provide a range of styles to assist you in making appropriate choices of plain white half masks online. Get the best deals for jt proflex paintball mask at Each plate is fully articulated so they settle to your head shape for comfort. Badlands carries a wide variety of the best paintball masks on the market. With our full head protection paintball masks, your face and head are completely protected against the potentially harmful impact of paintballs. Most entry level paintball masks come with a single-pane lens. A: The ‘helmets’ are a system of highly ventilated plastic plates. Empire paintball makes some of the most comfortable masks for paintball. This allows you to enjoy your day in greater comfort and safety than ever before. Paintball Guns. JT Flex Thermal Paintball Mask. The modern paintball mask offers protection for the eyes, mouth, face, and ears. Cheap white male mask might be everywhere but those in are strictly examined. VForce Armor Field Vision Paintball Goggle Mask Black Clear Lens Gen 3. One of your most important pieces of paintball gear is your paintball mask. Free shipping on orders of 199.99$ before taxes on all regular products! With our full head protection paintball masks, your face and head are completely protected against the potentially harmful impact of paintballs. A lens with a lot of scratches or any sign of cracking should be replaced. The modern paintball mask offers protection for the eyes, mouth, face, and ears. Your paintball mask is the most critical piece of paintball gear you will ever use. If you indeed wear it over your glasses, you have an assurance that its vent layout can mai… Buy Paintball Mask Parts from Badlands Canada & Save! Upgrade to an Intrepid paintball mask and take advantage of the combination of soft and hard materials to create a light and effective paintball mask. Do not leave any paint on your lens when you put your paintball mask away at the end of the day. Annex MI-3 Airsoft Paintball Full Face Mask with Thermal Lens by Valken (ANSI Rated) + Cart. SHOP NOW. 89 CDN$ 67.90 CDN$67.90 The paint will slowly degrade your lens and leave marks that cannot be removed. If you wear glasses, you also need to make sure the paintball mask you are looking for will fit over them comfortably. The success of that particular paintball mask led them to produce some of the great goggle systems on the market today. This full head system costs as much as four times older style goggles do. Equipped with PVTLock technology, the KLR Goggle features a quick release lens system. Start with an Empire Helix paintball mask for an amazing value then move up to an Empire EVS for the ultimate pro level paintball mask. Most other paintball operators have not chosen to use these safer and more comfortable goggles, preferring to still use the older style goggles that provide no cover to the top and back of the head. Experience is everything. Dye Precision has a long paintball history and has made some of the best products to ever hit the paintball market. JT goggles are built for the professional and are some of the most comfortable goggles in the world. Known for the Legendary JT Proflex paintball mask, JT paintball masks have survived the ages keeping up with demand for a good quality, light, effective paintball masks. Check out the Tippmann Paintball Masks. Because player safety is a high priority to us, this head protection system is by far the most important piece of paintball equipment we issue for your day of paintball. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. What I am so satisfied with in this paintball mask is its ability to provide full protection to the face. The most popular colour? Q: Why aren’t all paintball operators using these goggles also? Need more information or help, Paintball Stickers, Patches & Promotional Gear, Empire E-Flex Strap Complete - Black/White, Winter OPL Event #2 - After Action Report. Lawnite Skull Airsoft Mask,Full Face Protective Paintball Masks,Airsoft Tactical Mask for Outdoor Cs Wargame, Eye Protection Mask, Cosplay and Movie Camouflage Mask 4.0 out of 5 … The lens is what stands between your eyes and the force of a flying paintball. Choose a style that suits your taste, and if you are able, try it on first for comfort and fit. Badlands Paintball. I am also glad that it provides a truly wide peripheral field of vision.Even if you are wearing an eyeglass, you can use this paintball mask, too. Empire e-Flex Paintball Mask White | Badlands Paintball Gear Canada. Dye i5 Paintball Mask. We are Canada's largest Empire dealer and your best source for the Empire E-flex Paintball Mask White. The chinstrap on our system equally prevents the goggles from being lifted accidentally. When we started playing paintball in the late eighties, paintball masks did not exist. Check out the JT Paintball Masks. It is another renowned brand in paintball industry which manufactures one of the best paintball masks. Paintball Masks are in stock and shipping today. Especially since there are some pretty cool paintball masks out there. The reference in tactic, military and work gear. Buy Paintball Lens Accessories from Badlands & Save! The Dye i5 paintball mask has a very low profile, making it much more difficult for your opponents to hit you in the paintball mask. Shop online or in store today. Check out Badlands selection of replacement lenses for every playing style. Tippmann paintball masks hold true to the same reputation. If you do, water is likely to get in between the lenses and it will likely never dry, destroying the thermal properties of the lens and requiring you to replace your lens. Not all paintball masks are created equally. The HK Army KLR goggle system is one of the most comfortable, innovative, and customizable goggles in the history of paintball. All Paintball gear on sale! The Dye Masks are Innovative and will change the way you play the game. Buy your Empire e-Flex Paintball Mask White from Badlands Canada. $19.90 #38. If you need a new goggle strap, ear pieces, fan or visor, Badlands has it all in stock and available. Free Shipping on Orders over $199 at When selecting a goggle system it is important to take in to consideration safety, field of vision, clarity, breathability, comfort and style; All of which the HK Army KLR Goggle system embodies. $25.00 Annex MI-5 Airsoft Paintball Full Face Mask by Valken - Black (ANSI Rated) + Cart. Sensong Paintball Mask Full Face Black Masks Tactical Armor Protection Gear with Gray 7.8 7.3 7.9 9: Velity Half Face Protective Mask, for Halloween, Paintball, Airsoft, Cosplay, Costume Party Delta Force offers all … Q: Why are the full head goggle systems especially important for younger players? Dye I5 Paintball Mask – Modern design for a Mordern Paintballer. KLR Goggles feature an optically correct, high-definition, UVIR shielded dual-pane thermal lens, dual-density overmolded face shield, high-density compression molded earpieces, woven straps and a tri-layered, variable density foam mask lining. Check out the HK Army Paintball Masks. Paintball masks fans, like the JT Vortex Fan, offer an extra boost in the battle against fogging. A thermal lens is much better at keeping your paintball mask from fogging. When you try on a paintball mask, adjust the back strap so that the paintball mask fits snugly against your face, but not too tight, then shake your head side-to-side, and up and down to ensure the paintball mask does not slip. The Empire Event and Helix paintball goggles are also great quality masks available with thermal lenses. Dye Paintball Masks (4) Virtue VIO Paintball Mask (21) HK Army Paintball Masks (11) Vforce Paintball Masks (8) CrossAir Goggle Systems (2) Valken Goggles (14) ... Paintball Gear Canada has been selling exclusively to Canadians since 2001. I chose to start the list with this mask from Empire Paintball because it’s pretty much the perfect entry-level mask. If you use a thermal lens, your lens will probably not fog, but your glasses probably will. Read Reviews on Paintball Mask Parts. This is your one stop shop for paintball mask accessories, parts and mask upgrades. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about paintball mask? Not all paintball masks are created equally. The most common paintball mask material is ceramic. Empire paintball masks have stood the test of time with their proven shell and lens designs. Delta Force offers all our players the very latest US-Spec style, Full Head Protection Goggle Systems free with your entry price. No matter your budget or style of play there is the right paintball gun out there for you! Find your best-fitted paintball half masks from DHgate Canada site. Make sure the paintball mask is comfortable and does pinch or squeeze your face or head – you may be wearing it for hours at a time. Clean your lens with water. It is important to never submerge your thermal lens under water. Protect your head while staying tactical! Of course, there will be items in the lower price range, as well as the higher. Field tested and built to last. One of the most impressive paintball masks that I got the chance to encounter is the Dye Precision I4 Thermal. Basic H2O – that’s all you need. Do not leave the water to dry on the inside of the lens as it will leave spots. We have the helmet you are looking for. The lightest, most comfortable and technically advanced goggle systems in the paintball industry. A Paintball mask case is a great way to keep your paintball mask safe and protected when you put it in your gear bag. The largest selection of paintball masks in Canada. A mask fan is most useful for players who wear glasses. Without exception, if you are shooting your paintball gun for any reason, please make sure that you, and anyone else around you, is wearing a paintball mask. A large view through the lens of the KLR will let you see your opponents with clarity while preserving your style. You guessed it: black. Gift Vouchers Badlands Paintball | Canada's Paintball Store Since 1988. The top of the line Empire EFlex mask is the choice for serious paintball players around the world. With the interchangeability of the KLR paintball mask, you can choose how you want to appear on the field. With no alternatives, we put our eyes at risk and used things like shop goggles to protect ourselves. It comes with a mirrored lens which provides an absolutely large field of view plus it offers high level of comfort. Make your KLR paintball mask blend in with the environment or stand out to make a statement. All the paintball masks we sell are safety rated, with lenses able to withstand the impact of paintballs (something ski goggles, for instance, cannot do). Check out the Vforce Paintball Masks. Badlands carries mask upgrades for all of the major brand masks on the paintball market. Over 100 paintball gun models in stock. Ansgear has Paintball guns and Paintball equipment for everyone. 4 out of 5 stars (3) Total Ratings 3, $27.95 New. It has all the features a beginner needs to get started, a solid construction, thermal lens to prevent fogging up, a decently cool design and perhaps its … Vforce has designed a paintball mask for each player ranging from beginner to seasoned veteran levels.

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