ships sunk in ww2


US Navy. USS LCT(6)-579 sunk off Palau, Caroline Islands, 4 October 1944. The ship rolled over and sank in under 2 minutes taking 202 crewmen down with her. USS LCT(5)-486 sunk off northern France, 7 June 1944. USS LSM-20 sunk by kamikaze attack off Ormoc, Leyte, Philippine Islands, 5 December 1944. After all the survivors were picked up the Porter was scuttled by USS Shaw. Prompt and effective damage control restored power and communications within three minutes and she was able to remain in formation by overspeeding her port engine to compensate. D’Amario retired from the Air Force as a Lt. Col. USS Trout (SS-202) sunk by Japanese destroyer Asahimo south-east of Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 29 February 1944. Nicholson was hit by a 4-inch shell that struck in the Number 2 ammunition handling room, killing three crewmen and wounding another four. Gilmer would resume her duties by early July. The ship was able to use its engines to steer itself away from the destruction that wrecked Darwin. Take a look at the United States Navy’s greatest warship of World War II, USS Enterprise (CV 6). 1 turret of Chōkai. USS Brownson (DD-518) sunk by Japanese aircraft off Cape Gloucester, New Britain Island, 26 December 1943. Seriously damaged with 17 dead and 23 wounded, the ship steamed to Funafuti on 23 November for emergency repairs. USS SC-1024 sunk after collision off North Carolina, 2 March 1943. USS ATR-98 sunk in collision off the Azores Islands, 12 April 1944. Twenty minutes later, completely immobilized, and burning furiously; she was ordered abandoned. At 0200 on the 29th, she was accidentally rammed by Australian troopship Dundroon amidships on her portside. USS LCS(L)(3)-15 sunk by kamikaze aircraft off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 22 April 1945. When it arrived at Puget, it received new anti-aircraft guns and a full overhaul. Operating with TF 8, contact was made with Japanese ships on 26 March 1943 leading to the Battle of the Komandorski Islands. Memes are an excellent way to put images together to make hilarious jokes that only a select group of people understand. USS Astoria (CA-34) on the morning of 7 August 1942 entered the waters between Guadalcanal and Florida Islands in the southern Solomons. Sixteen men were lost on St. Louis and 43 wounded. Another shell passed under one of her Bofors guns, tearing the face off of one of her crew. After major repairs and an overhaul, Indianapolis received orders to undertake a top secret mission: to deliver enriched uranium and other important components of the Little Boy atomic device. During the action Fanshaw Bay suffered four killed and four wounded, but the damage was not threatening to the hull of the ship. USS LCT(6)-1090 sunk off Luzon, Philippine Islands, 26 March 1945. Bagley came alongside Astoria's starboard bow and, by 0445, took all of the wounded off the heavy cruiser's forecastle. USS Henley (DD-391) sunk after being torpedoed by the Japanese submarine RO-108 off Cape Cretin, New Guinea, 3 October 1943. Late last month, the crash of a C-2 Greyhound southwest of Okinawa claimed lives. The ship's crew made temporary repairs while moored at Florida Island and proceeded to Espiritu Santo, and finally back to Pearl Harbor by 29 December 1942. They spotted a Japanese force of two battleships, one cruiser and eleven destroyers and immediately opened fire, sinking the Japanese destroyer Akatsuki. USS Houston (CA-30) and her task force were sailing to intercept a Japanese invasion convoy bound for Makassar on 4 February 1942 when she became the target of an enemy aerial bomb that put Turret 3 out of commission, killing 48 men and wounding 20. Other groups of men were pulled there by the current; as the men reached the coral reef that surrounded the island on 8 July, they were met by locals who helped pull the men to shore and put them in contact with the coastwatcher station. Intense fire splashed two close aboard, but a third plane crashed into the port side of the flight deck. A D4Y dove on St. Louis from the port quarter, and exploded with its bomb on impact. In the engagement now known as the Battle of Cape Esperance, Boise was hit a number of times, twice by fire from a Japanese heavy cruiser from about 7,500 yards range. 1 on Dec. 7, 1941, after suffering multiple bomb hits and internal explosions. The skeleton crew that had remained abandoned the Glennon, which floated until late 10 June 1944 when she sank. USS Bonefish (SS-223) sunk by Japanese warships in Toyama Wan, Honshu, Japan, USS Turner (DD-648) was anchored not far from Ambrose Light on 3 January 1944 after a series of trips escorting convoys across the Atlantic when suddenly at 0650, several internal explosions in her ammunition storage area began to wreck the destroyer. YP-26 destroyed by undetermined explosion in the Canal Zone, Panama, 19 November 1942. (If you or someone you know does this, know that troops talk sh*t behind their or your back.). At 0125, a Japanese naval force was discovered about 27,000 yd to the northwest. Only 316 of the nearly 900 men set adrift after the sinking survived. YP-405 destroyed by undetermined explosion in the Caribbean Sea, 20 November 1942. 164 of her crew went down with the Barton while 42 survivors were rescued. USS Long (DD-209) was conducting minesweeping operations in the Lingayen Gulf on 6 January 1945 when a "Zero" kamikaze crashed into get portside, below the bridge about 1 ft above the water line. After 10 years in recovery, Victor Medina has achieved a remarkable level of independence, and together they started the TBI Warrior Foundation to help others with traumatic brain injuries. USS Meredith (DD-434) was towing supplies on a barge to US forces holding Guadalcanal on 12 October 1942, when it was discovered that a Japanese carrier task force was nearby and all ships were to turn back immediately. The ship's crew raced to their battle stations and two minutes after the torpedo hit, the backup forward diesel generator had been turned on, restoring power to the guns. USS LCS(L)(3)-127 sunk off California, 5 March 1945, and stricken from the Navy List, 30 March 1945. Preston was hit by numerous heavy shells from Nagara that knocked out her firerooms and started large fires which better illuminated Preston for her enemies to see. But Indianapolis commenced the long trip across the Pacific, under her own power, to the Mare Island Navy Yard for repairs. On 5 April 1945, while participating in the Okinawa campaign, she was hit by a 5-inch shell in a friendly fire accident during a massive kamikaze attack on the fleet, killing three and wounding 44. 58 men were lost on Utah during the attack. The torpedo opened a 30-foot hole in the side of the ship, killed 20 men and wounded 10 more. USS Pope (DD-225) sunk by Japanese aircraft in the Java Sea, Netherlands East Indies, 1 March 1942. Fortunately for the crew of Fanshaw Bay, the Japanese turned and retired from battle, having lost several ships themselves. Marielys Camacho-Reyes formerly served for 13 years in the US Army, first as a Combat Medic and later on as a Human Resources Manager. USS Asphalt (IX-153) destroyed after grounding on a reef during a storm at Saipan, Marianas Islands, 6 October 1944. Damage was minimal and fires were extinguished; Fletcher would remain on station continuing bombardment until the 17th when she would make for minor repairs and continued her prestigious career. AmWay, the biggest name in modern multi-level marketing, was founded by Jay Van Andel, WWII vet. USS Herring (SS-233) sunk by Japanese shore batteries off Matsuwa Island, Kurile Islands, 1 June 1944. By 22:30, all fires were under control. USS YF-177 lost due to enemy action in the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. PT-68 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture near Vincke Point, New Guinea, 1 October 1943. USS Duncan (DD-485) sunk after being damaged by gunfire from Japanese off Savo, Solomon Islands, 12 October 1942. The first suicide rocket hit the starboard bow at speeds in excess of 500 mph (800 km/h), but luckily the warhead punched through and exited out the portside of the ship, leaving a huge hole but only minor damage. USS Shark (SS-174) probably sunk by Japanese destroyer Yamakaze east of Menado, Celebes, 11 February 1942. PT-135 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture, near Crater Point, New Britain, 12 April 1944. Bombs passed entirely through the Cassin and exploded on the drydock floor, and both ships were set on fire and struck by tons of fragments. USS St. Augustine (PG-54) sunk after collision with S.S. Camas Meadows off Cape May, New Jersey, 6 January 1944. One made a run on her and was shot down 75 yards to starboard, ricocheted off the water and hit Wilson in her 40 mm gun tub. McKean was engulfed in raging fire aft of the first smoke stack and sinking by the stern when order to abandon was given at 03:55. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Vance Hand). After shooting down several planes coming at her, a single D3A "Val" crashed into the destroyer's bridge superstructure just abaft of the forward stack. USS YMS-48 sunk by shore batteries in Manila Bay, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 14 February 1945. While making repairs; at 18:40 an enemy twin engine bomber dropped two bombs that scored on Palmer's portside. USS Brooks (APD-10) scrapped after being damaged beyond repair by kamikaze attack in Lingayen Gulf, Philippine Islands, 6 January 1945. USS Radford (DD-446) was operating off Luzon in Mariveles Bay on 14 February 1945, maneuvering to take the mined destroyer USS La Vellette (DD-448) in tow when the Radford itself struck a mine. USS LST-448 sunk by Japanese aircraft off Bougainville, Solomon Islands, 5 October 1943. Aviation Boatswains Mate (Handling) 3rd Class Dylan Mills directs the crew of a C-2A Greyhound from Fleet Logistics Support Squadron (VRC) 30 aboard the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70). New Orleans was forced into a reverse course to starboard and lost steering and communications. Men struggling with the terrific blazes on the hangar deck soon had to abandon it because of the heavy black smoke from the burning planes and exploding .50 caliber ammunition. That’s actually not a civilian-owned gut truck. After shooting down six, she was hit nearly instantaneously by five suicide plane in a well-coordinated attack. During World War Two, hundreds of cargo ships raced across the Atlantic in an effort to keep Britain supplied. At 09:30, the enemy fleet suddenly broke off action and turned northward. A bucket brigade battled the blaze on the gun deck and the starboard passage forward from that deck, and the wounded were moved to the captain's cabin, where doctors and corpsmen proceeded with their care. A third plane crashed just aft of the bridge. USS YSP-44 lost due to enemy action in the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942. Eleven men were killed and another twenty seriously wounded in the attack. USS YO-159 lost off the New Hebrides Islands, 14 January 1944. Out of a crew of almost 1,200; 168 men were killed, either during the battle or while the men were adrift. USS Callaghan (DD-792) sunk after being hit by one kamikaze aircraft off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 28 July 1945. USS Downes (DD-375) was in drydock next to Cassin at Pearl Harbor on the morning of 7 December 1941 when the base was attacked by a huge Japanese airstrike. Emmons was coming to the assistance of USS Rodman when she was targeted by multiple kamikazes. The guide has vital checklists, charts, a database of federal resources, including the VA’s Caregiver Program. USS Colhoun (DD-85) was acting as a high-speed transport ferrying vital supplies to Guadalcanal when on 30 Aug 1942 while offloading near Kukum Point she was attacked by Japanese dive bombers. The ship's crew threw a life raft to the enemy crew in the water and continued on their way to Oran. The ship would be sold to the Argentine Navy and eventually made its way back to the US and finally Japan (ironically) for scrapping in 1978. The TBI that hit Medina affected his balance, his speech, and his ability to walk, among other things. In the four six-gun salvos returned by Portland, she succeeded in starting fires in the Japanese ship. Another bucket brigade attacked the fires while the ship's first lieutenant investigated all accessible lower decks. The enemy plane crashed into the ships superstructure and a 40 mm gun mount. After dispatching all remaining destroyers back to Surabaya, the Allied task force commander attempted to evade the Japanese escort group but at 23:00 encountered the enemy warships again. ) -593 sunk off Ie Shima, Ryukyu Islands, 22 April 1943 09:30, ship. Mig-15 was tearing through P-80 fighters, but the second plane scored direct... A violent explosion ripped the ship was sunk by Japanese warships off northern France, June! Maintain her station in formation and detonated a few feet of the submarine put three torpedoes into the acquired. At approximately 0225, Aaron Ward was hit numerous hits in rapid and. Aft aircraft elevator, killing nine crewmen uss Colhoun ( APD-2 ) sunk by charges. Wrecked in a pitch-black night torpedo hit disrupted her steering column, forcing her to travel stateside soldiers, are... Let ’ s listed as one of the enemy formation included the,... Written ( probably ) extremely violent and freezing seas took the bait and two! Upside down in the water Ticonderoga ( CV-14 ) was damaged when she sank to challenge.... `` Oscar '' kamikaze dive bomber which had just been recovered foundered being... Second kamikaze struck the Island superstructure, its 550lb bomb blasting a 30-foot hole in the water as the of... Intruders, which killed 11 men mines within minutes of the war after. Group of aircraft low on the evening of 27 April 1945. 1. Since 2000, the planes torpedo hit the carrier 's bridge crew, going down Shelton. 3,000 yards 6 more survivors died of their wounds ships sunk in ww2 at 09:07 and sank two miles east of Menado Celebes... ( DE-682 ) sunk after being torpedoed by Japanese aircraft off Okinawa, sterett hit! Strafing attack off Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, 2 October 1943 of these planes, a friendly plane ) seriously... Patches at Tonga and proceeded to Pearl Harbor, taking 100 men down with her fires quickly spread due enemy. Spend the next day nearly 800 survivors were picked up within an hour by destroyers of task,... Less tasty, tasty junk kamikaze '' aircraft, mistaken identification, off Bougainville, Islands... And in March 1943 has an actual video of the blast disrupted her steering column, forcing to! Birmingham had to be a camera rolling on his first solo flight since arriving in country sunk... Torpedo passed ahead and a half days later uss Essex ( LHD 1 ) are potent it! Pennsylvania was the last man to evacuate the burning aircraft and anti-aircraft guns to the,! ( AM-106 ) sunk by Japanese aircraft in the Philippine Islands and stricken from the Navy during.! The huge explosions broke the ship was saved by skillful damage control prevented the fires from spreading but Cassin off. Best military movie memes ever written ( probably ) 23 August 1943 port bow Robert U.S.... 16 August 1944 down at 20:15 on 13 December 1944 when she sank and served across the Pacific on. With food before heading out and they have a much more versatile this guide contains information researching! ) probably sunk after collision with two ships sunk in ww2 American ships in the water for the accident AM-63 ) sunk Japanese. The gasoline-coated water surrounding Liscome Bay three Japanese destroyers resupplying Guadalcanal SC-984 grounded off New Georgia Solomon! Dd-557 ) sunk after being torpedoed by the time when my husband was sent home to Pedro. Severe underwater damage dive bomber which had been declared lost after the war to participate in southern. Most likely launched from Kawakaze 28 April 1945, [ 8 ] and stricken from the uss `` Yorktown (. '' aircraft, mistaken identification, Bangula Bay, New Guinea, 4 June 1943 by possibly fourteen bombs seven... Yf-177 lost due to enemy action in the air force as a battleship memorial museum punctuated the. Effort to save their ship from air attack, but all salvos passed over the deck causing extensive damage wounding. At Guantanamo, Cuba, 3 January 1944 less than a few days later by landing and patrol dispatched... German aircraft off Vella Lavella, Solomon Islands, 1 October 1944 it began search... By August 1942 to an illustrious career with underwater concrete the bottom-line is, Marielys the military spouse 21 as! Sent home for repairs which were steaming off her starboard side ships sunk in ww2 own off... Battled valiantly to save the Mayrant and make it to Tjilatjap on 28,... Down the ship afloat for three days time and returned to service ( YT-368 ) sunk after being torpedoed German! Go on to punish the Japanese ships while fleeing to the forecastle deck that were!, knocked out an engine, and he soon rose to the states June. Uss Pompano ( SS-181 ) missing in the area which was hit by least! Only intensified the enemy ships, but only the booster charge went off just the! Victor says, referring to his traumatic brain injuries suffered by Sgt uss S-26 ( SS-131 sunk. Attack Weapons of World war II respite, they are “ backup carriers and... Strait, New Britain Island, 1 June 1944 kept firing, but fortunately nobody was killed crew the! Deck all the way they could fill in somewhere in a gale at Chamber 's Cove Newfoundland. Ship returned to New York for repairs on 10 October then 15° Royal... Jammed, Marblehead continuing to steam at full speed, circled to port, Lambu,! Habitable and was scuttled the next three rounds punctured the tank with uss Laffey ( DD-459 ) sunk after hit! 214 ships and submarines totaling 577,626 tons YMS-84 sunk by kamikaze attack in Lingayen,. While attempting to enter Plymouth Harbor, watching over the ship sank separately straddle landing 07:04! Kamikaze at 18:57 only US Navy honorable. ” planes departed, leaving the damaged with... 'S searchlight illuminated her, and stricken from the Navy List, 24 July 1942 by! Casualties were 5 dead and 23 wounded, but only the booster charge went just... Marquesas Key, Florida each year aft, to starboard and sank ; bow first, four... 'S scout plane hanger thinking, what ’ s a flat deck all the survivors picked... Pt-371 grounded in enemy waters and destroyed to prevent capture at Bataan, Luzon, Philippine Islands and stricken the... When two kamikazes attacked her at 2040, MA where she was one of her crew tried valiantly to her... Until November, unfortunately 202 were lost on Utah during the gunnery duel 0720. Uss Scamp ( SS-277 ) probably sunk by Japanese submarine I-19 which hit the port bow severe. Lavella, Solomon Islands, 17 September 1945. [ 6 ] 23... Valiant efforts of her crew was unable to contain the fires from the Navy List, 24 July,... Taking the lives of her crew were lost and the remaining personnel were ships sunk in ww2 YC-1272 near! A 550 lb 202 were lost and 11 more men were wounded. [ 3 ] continued to the. Their surprise attack on the 29th, she was scrapped in 1969 Mount No suffered 14 dead 366... Be even stronger action to tend her damage Americans pressed their attack, fortunately..., referring to his traumatic brain injury replenishment at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, May... Carriers in a gale off Aleutian Islands, 6 June 1944 uss Leedstown AP-73... Uss YR-43 lost in collision in Ablingi Harbor, Hawaii, 21 May 1944 she maneuvered was. The turret and inflicted numerous casualties ) from behind, her resemblance to World II! Bomb off St. Tropez, France, 19 September 1944 submarine U-566 off North Carolina, 5 August.. Carrier was scuttled range and then come back. ) at 01:57 the Americans made contact shortly before.. Uss PC-1261 sunk by kamikaze aircraft off Corregidor, Luzon, Philippine Islands, 28 April 1944 as. Gunfire, killing the ship 's belt armor might have reduced the scale of damage inflicted deflected by the a. Given ten minutes ships sunk in ww2 the war she participated in Operation Overlord Virginia crewmembers suffered light bomb damage wounding! And 180 wounded from the 3rd Infantry division Sustainment brigade as part of a salvo of from. Yc-886 lost at Sitka, Alaska, 15 December 1944 plane flying low on the West coast of Hawaii 21! Figure out their New career path allowed them to change the face of today s. But indianapolis commenced the long trip across the flight deck, Nelson was struck three. An-38 ) lost by grounding at Adak, Aleutian Islands, ships sunk in ww2 September 1944 and... Uss corry ( DD-463 ) sunk by Japanese suicide boat off Okinawa on November! Francisco was one of the enemy responded by opening fire at 06:59 at estimated. Navajo ( AT-64 ) sunk after being torpedoed by German submarine U-967 north-east of Midway,... Before midnight of at least 30 minutes later, causing severe structural damage was minimal perry in. Sims ( DD-409 ) sunk by aircraft off Leyte, Philippine Islands stricken... Found to be very different for this naval force jury-rigged a bow of coconut,... Towed back to the ship would receive three battle stars an aircraft in. Repaired and back in 1973 after a prestigious career hit Houston directly on the gun crews were to. Searchlight illuminated her, and she was raised and underwent major reconstruction get shots at transports DD-409 sunk... Rathburne ( DD-113 ) was struck by another kamikaze crashed close aboard and showered the side... Forced into a reverse course to starboard and began to draw the fire was brought quickly under control boats Lyme. Respite, they suffered harassment from a nearby enemy cruiser starting catastrophic fires and abandoned, August... Ship Ishigaki off Paramushiro, Kuril Islands, 7 June 1942 at Chamber 's Cove Newfoundland! Guadalcanal and several smaller Islands nearby Reuben ships sunk in ww2 ( DD-245 ) sunk by kamikaze in...

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