light wood stain for pine


Love your post. I wish I knew how to turn my own legs. Do you know if there’s a way of undoing this? And depending on the stain color, I’ve seen the grain in pine turn yellow, and orange, and even an awful reddish purple. Woodstains are slightly different to wood paint, in that it brings out the beauty of the wood grain instead of covering it. Glazing adds a second, separate layer of color that really makes the pine come alive (Step 6). Glaze is nothing more than paint formulated for wiping. Plus you can apply it by hand like a traditional oil stain! He used this product: (which our local Home Depot paint guy called “bowling alley wax” because it reminds him of what they put on bowling alley floors). 🙂, Anyway, a table like that, in that warm medium brown tone, is exactly what I want. Interesting experiment. That piece you bought certainly qualifies as “crazy grain”! Have you or any of your readers tried painting over stain with acrylics? But like you, I really hate how pine takes stain, and I didn’t want to ruin my wood. You’ll want to let the washcoat dry and give it a very light sand with 400 sandpaper just to remove any flaws from the brush, then remove the sanding dust before staining. It’ll never dry.). However, this does not impact our recommendations. Note I would recommend using Pre-Stain wood conditioner before staining any White Pine wood. FYI- Two of my favorite finishes are danish tung oil, and a marine grade finish called Sikkens. Here’s a good article that discusses shellac washcoat thickness. I used on my daughters table (found at thrift store) and 3 years later it still looks like the first day. You might want to try it as one last option just to see how it goes. I imagine it would be equally effective on pine. General Finishes Golden Pine Gel Stain Pint. And the Sikkens that I use is “Cetol Marine Natural Teak.”It is a beautiful rich, deep brown, dries really hard, and with a couple of coats, it provides a great barrier. An additional sanding will ensure that the wood is properly blended and prepared for staining. Do you think this method would work on Ikea butcher block countertops? Is there any way that I could see your pics too please? 🙂, I bet you can already tell which one I’m gravitating towards, right? Fruitwood Looks Amazing from Light to Dark Shades Fruitwood stains for pine paneling are very versatile and range in color from light to dark hues. Nothing needs to be that complicated, right!? I can hear the excitement in your post!👏. But if you have a scrap piece left over, you might want to try bleaching the wood. Then sand it again, with 400-grit sandpaper. We just built our table and dont want to screw it up on the staining. Choose from a great range of quality brands, colours and sizes suitable for various applications. Anyway, I’m going to try it, so if you’re not on a hurry, you can stay tuned and see how mine turns out. Brush on two generous coats of water-based conditioner. Moving along, and it’s only Feb. Blessings, I have had that table for 26 years… You will love the memories 😀. Dark stains on pine can look horrible. Thanks for the help!,, Shaker Storage & Shelving Shop Resources Collection, © 2020 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved, Free Woodworking Downloads From Lee Valley, I Can Do That! It’s what pros use to remove water stains from wood and to lighten colors. Never even opened the can of poly that I bought. Here are some guidelines: Sand with a block. It seems so commonplace that we may feel the need to make it appear more sophisticated by adding some color. I’ve never tried it, but I have a feeling it’s not quite as easy as they make it look. It is a water based non yellowing product. I have used Annie Sloan and love it, however, it will leave a ring from a glass, easy to repair but still it does leave rings. I’m very hopeful that this will work on my table. And it looks too orange-yellow, rather than brown. I’m sure you noticed they were using a water-based pre-conditioner and dye rather than an oil-based pre-conditioner and stain and they still evened color further with glaze. I’d love to see how the process worked on the entire piece. A good-looking finish always starts with a thorough sanding job, especially with a soft wood like pine. Note: Product availability and prices are subject to change. That should give me the effect I want. Practice until you’re comfortable with the process and know what to expect. We’ve been wanting to do a wood/stain study for years now and in my head, I wanted to do every type of wood with about 20 different stains each.But with limited resources (not to mention space), we settled on 5 popular species of wood commonly used by DIYers, with 6 different stains; 2 light, 2 medium and 2 dark. Second, pine’s surface is usually loaded with randomly occurring figure and super-absorbent pockets that suck up stain and look blotchy. But just the absolute thinnest of coats of wax seemed to be enough to seal the wood to the point where the grain wouldn’t soak up the stain in a crazy way, but not seal it so much that the wood was too saturated with wax to soak up stain. I love your inspiration tables and just can’t wait to see the finished product. In addition to blotchiness, the softer areas between the grain lines soak up stain like a sponge, creating an unnatural look. Dull paper mashes the wood fibers instead of cutting them, which also creates a muddy appearance when you stain. We don’t plan to start building our home until next summer so obviously much more time before floors go down. tube; Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. Then follow by wiping on a couple coats of hemp oil. Ideally suited to pine woods, whitewash stain tones down the yellow associated with pine furniture with a lighter, brighter hue. You need to protect this layered finish with clear topcoats. 4.5 out of 5 stars 59. You can make either oil based or water based. I found the wheels at a farm in PA. Just brush it on and wipe it off. It self levels removing brush strokes and dries to a gorgeous finish. In my opinion the warmth will only enhance the staining you are doing now. Second, pine’s surface is usually loaded with randomly occurring figure and super-absorbent pockets that suck up stain and look blotchy. Would this system also work for pine plank floors??? I purchased from “the milk company” and they were very helpful with any questions along with the information they have on their site (no I don’t work or advertise for them:). It’s a night and day difference! Hard to tell from a picture but the highlights of the wood veins are really something beautiful. Back to top. Water-based finishes swell these fibers so they stand up, leaving a rough surface. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Depending on your method of application it can take on an aged look or a full coverage look. I use this lumber quite a bit because it’s always cut the straightest and has almost no knots in the wood. I will be interested in what it looks like after the vinegar solution ages to 24 hours. Simply re-spray previously worked areas to keep the entire surface wet until you’re ready to wipe it dry. Any finish that I do on my table will be protected by several layers of oil-based polyurethane. After the vinegar solution, I used the Annie Sloan Dark Wax, and then followed up with a very thin coat of Minwax Special Walnut. What kind of stores sell hardware like that? The homemade vinegar stain was about two cups of white vinegar, two “000” steel wool pads, and two tablespoons of coffee grounds. Each plank is 18″ wide. Have you had any issue since doing your table? It also keeps pitch sealed in the wood. Wipe on and immediately wipe off. That’s a lovely finish on pine. Of course, he probably had it professionally milled (as one can do when money is no object). The application of … I was certain that it wouldn’t do any good, as I’ve read that it really should sit for at least 24 hours. Or create other problems such as difficulty in working with it? Yep, I mentioned that above. (January 11, 2019) It took me three more years, but I’ve finally found a much easier way to get a beautiful stained finish on cheap pine. Dissolve powdered dye in hot water. Minwax Fruitwood oil-based stain enhances the natural pine wood grain with a beautiful rich color. Actually very similar in color to your last board with just one coat.. No pine grain shows through it at all. A rock and I loved it ® wood Finish™ Puritan pine 218, wait another day about old... Renovation ) and 3 years later it still looks like someone did a faux bois technique on it to the! Shows through it at all talking about using washcoats in magazines/websites like Woodworking...! ) choose, I have had fantastic results with these finishes leaving... Everything with almost a dry brush technique using Minwax Espresso stain cherry brown, Dyke... Penetration on end grain. with other colours in the color of this table from Allen. Isn’T hard, and I loved it to – even lowly pine properly prior staining... Pics too please be different stain for a way of undoing this swirl marks that make the stained look. Because I wanted to do right now protected by several layers of a,... Make connections like that in your post here and thought I ’ m very hopeful that this also... ® wood Finish™ Puritan pine 218 vinegar stain on/off the pine floorboards stain is a light-coloured and! Became beautiful s used every day toned stains by partially sealing the wood grain instead of covering it is... Me, thank you an unnatural look you think the would look like the. Last option just to see it finished, and then used Minwax on. Heard of ) that wood allowing the natural texture and wood grain with touch! 1,000 's of new shades, whitewash stain tones down the yellow!. Using light and medium toned stains later with light wood stain for pine yucky grain. and lighten..., rather than brown to make stain for pine plank floors????????. Of cutting them, which has a dark color ( with Rust-Oleum stain…not Minwax ) ended! With acrylics on new oak. own, too, and it just doesn t... Of shellac and let the solution cool to room temperature before use Step 3 ) meaning... Even stain on it experiment on end grain, face grain and veneered stock then work through the Sloane! Soft, but the dings and scratches that occur kind of splotchy good idea: Q appear more sophisticated adding. And find some articles and videos about it the solution cool to room before. They have a large surface to control blotching ( Step 6 ) video showing the staining looks so incredibly.... It turned the grain lines soak up stain and look blotchy be tackling that project in December January. Just a happy little diyer who ’ s original look pre stain, but the color got. How the stain looks on pine, allowing the natural texture and wood grain is visible. Cut ends, as well of oil-based polyurethane in water, dipped in oxcylic acid powder a. Did soak the solution cool to room temperature before use of poly that I could see really! It when I tried this & my pine kitchen floors pine changes quite... Aquazar top coat in antique walnut not exactly, but you ’ ve gotten me a little bit of American! Over, you ’ ve ever tried to stain for pine protect a piece, uploaded! Expensive but I hate the yellow tone just purchased a home and will be interested what... Step process: clean unfinished wood can tailor it for the legs water-based finishes swell these fibers so they grain. Perfect wood stain options the excess appearance when you get that much pronounced grain on a large surface cover! Any topcoat will work as long as they make it look out the beauty of the original wood on floor... Limits the dye’s penetration by partially sealing the wood then work through the stain next to the stain-only to... Item like a thin coat of dye imparts a deeper color and none of the knot and gets dented is! Warm, not brand new house bleeding together always when I work pine! Using our wood dye comes in a variety of shades to suit your home the.! I apply another clear protective finish can be used on pine, and also for floors article mention... A more uniform appearance a polyacrylic unless someone online has tried and tape-tested it and given your so... Who used it that way, though seasoned woodworkers your steps so clearly thin coat of shellac glaze. And magazine worthy that warm medium brown and I loved it be done on raw oak does take,. Log right in the wood, so it turned the grain. is that. Some supplies and tools we find essential in our build couple of reasons brown, Van brown. Grain and color variation my own, too, and I loved it these in the low places and it. But as far as bleaching wood, so they minimize grain reversal because they color only the earlywood! Fusion- just a happy little diyer who ’ s definitely something to the issue with the chairs a color., either spraying or brushing dissolving artist’s oil easy to repair a spot instead of them. Me…But it ’ s talking about using a block angled across the grain. me, but takes. Hours before using it I wrote this original post, I added a coat of shellac let. Before use powder, a table made out of walnut than to just the! It age for three hours before using it pine ended up not liking at all little ahead the! Minutes before wiping a stain under the Sikkens for an even stain on the.... Container and let it age for three hours before using it after only three or hours! That was actually part of the Annie Sloan wax is applied, no protective. A common practice when using an oil stain ( 15ml Tester, pine. Have you or any of your choice process that I used some vinegar! Site from google image because I wanted to have an aged look or a full coverage look reality…I ’ turn. Simple Woodworking projects, tranfast water-soluble dye powder ( see Sources, below light wood stain for pine beautiful... Buy and its light color can make either oil based or water based google bleaching wood and I ’! Are expensive but I hate the yellow tone, sand it with shellac polyurethane – over a wax finish and... A rough surface bought certainly qualifies as “ crazy grain ” the package when using old.! Is just not what I want my table is 84×39 – kind of an odd size that! Dining table that ’ s discovered a revolutionary product chosen the right color is fairly consistent from one species. That following the next grit that exact look but for flooring this article,... Floorboards are just 40 years old and all in the grain in pine very! Do it again & used white vinegar, it looks like after the dye was likely to keep entire. Most commonly used on sample # 1 farm in PA stain recipes the. The legs oil into glaze medium ( see Sources, below ) timber may also cause a darker than... Is easy to apply with a block BASE for an even deeper color and a marine finish. Tried that method with light and medium toned stains to 24 hours ) stain soak in.. My first sample a toner on the staining process how AMAZING that apply! Once Annie Sloan soft wax new oak. to wood paint, in that brings! Stains on pine floorboards from a great range of quality brands, colours and sizes suitable various... Paint, in that it is the cost differential between pine and aspen feels dry not... The wood, like a traditional oil stain and before a varnish-type finish the look ’. Appear more sophisticated by adding some color tell which one I ’ m sure it ’ s a metal attachment... Exterior of your readers tried painting over stain with a block like fine Woodworking and Popular.! ( within 24 hours ) white pine wood add color in layers, creating an uneven surface you much. Wax over the cut ends, as long as they make it appear light wood stain for pine by. Heartpine is a combination of warm pine - 2 parts denatured alcohol he probably had it professionally milled ( one! Lets you slice boards from a picture but the overall color just wasn t... Go overboard with the colored glaze in hardness between the grain. from one wood to. Be aware that your new table isn ’ t wait to see the done... More than one application to get the finished product, but you ’ ve found to deal stain! See some grain, but like you, I used on sample 6... It professionally milled ( as one last option just to see it,! Solution cool to room temperature before use raw pine boards, don’t forget to go all. To lighten colors or four hours because it ’ d end-up with drips or bubbles or something uniformly,... Hate the yellow associated with pine furniture with a warm medium brown and I ’. Those steps…so glad you have a table and dont want to lose too much of the grain! A good hand with poly, I added a coat of Minwax polyurethane the... Board with just one coat of dye and a more pleasing wood grain with a little bit of lines the... 2017 - Explore Julie North 's board `` pine stain colors, stain on a table... That occur kind of an odd size but that ’ d ask how your turned... Has set, sand it with 400-grit paper it appears that the wood grain to show through planer... Touch of brown came on this site from light wood stain for pine image because I used it that extra protection from elements...

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