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Thanks Izzycatswim! Once enlisted into the NCP Program, you are assigned to Navy Medicine (NM) Accessions Department. Commissioning Programs ... OPNAV 1120.7A Appointment of Regular and Reserve Officers in the Nurse Corps of the Navy. The Nurse Corps continues as a prominent part of the Navy Medicine establishment. The military isn't hurting for nurses like it once was, which allows all the branches to be quite selective. The main Navy site also has a lot of good information and it has a page specifically for NCP. Students can enroll after their sophomore year and receive an initial grant of $10,000 (paid in two installments of $5000 each), plus $1000 a month for up to 24 months. Also, consider the other branches as well. I was just so interested in the Navy and the Nurse Candidate Program along with the Nurse Corps as a whole that I was already pretty prepared for the questions they asked me. Also, did they make you submit SAT scores and make you take the ASVAB? Before reporting to their first assignment (with the exception of those who access through the Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) Nurse Option Program), those selected for active duty will attend Officer Development School, Officer Training Command Newport, Rhode Island for five weeks. The Navy offers a program for engineering students who meet the following criteria: - US Citizen - Taken 1 semester of calculus and 1 semester - Between 19-29 years old of calculus based physics - Within 30 months of graduation - GPA 3.0+ ... Navy Nurse Candidate Program Last modified by: I am planning to join the navy nurse corps one day, but right now I'm only in my 2nd semester of my first year getting my general ed done. Although I was a nervous wreck, the interview wasn't bad. Don't lie on your physical. Also, I plan to wear a dark suite. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. PA 150A … Advanced Practice Registered Nurses must havegraduated from an accredited program of their specialty and have passed thecertification exam for their respective specialty area 3. Upon completion of degree requirements, the student must accept commissioned as a Nurse Corps (NC) officer. It's really not that bad at all, but i'm also prior military. I will already have transferred from ODS when you get there; best of luck in your career!! I actually couldn't find the Navy medical recruiter online and ended up getting their info through a friend (...after going to the Army recruiter first and doing Army ROTC for a semester). There are so many pre-nursing students who don't make the cut that a healthcare receuiter most likely won't respond until you have that acceptance. Peterson underwent EMT training and became an enlisted medic. ... Run the numbers and see if the current lump sum bonus or loan repayment is that much more beneficial then doing the nurse candidate program... the downside to waiting is then you still need to apply, incentives may change, and the deal isn't 'done'. Forum for incoming Navy Nurse Corps officers to meet others in program as well as ask questions that may arise regarding active duty while in the NCP prior to graduation. Yeah, getting ahold of a medical recruiter cam be tough. PA 116C Nurse Candidate Program (NCP) PA 121 Cyber Warfare Engineer (CWE) PA 130 Armed Forces Health Professions Scholarship Program (AFHPSP) PA 130B Financial Assistance Program (Medical Corps) PA 130C Financial Assistance Program (Dental Corps) PA 132 Health Services Collegiate Program (HSCP) PA 150 Seaman to Admiral - Core (STA-21-CORE) Option. Contact Army & Air Force recruiters. The Navy Nuclear Propulsion Officer Candidate (NUPOC) program enables you to join both the Navy and one of the top nuclear programs. The main Navy site also has a lot of good information and it has a page specifically for NCP. I gave them honest answers and they let me ask them questions about being a Navy nurse. Congratulations!! Obviously, you could get in serious trouble if they find stuff later that clearly has been there since before you joined (pins, screws, etc). Based on my remaining course requirements I'll likely end up with a 3.7-3.8 GPA. Navy nursing wise I am going through the nurse residency program right now so I have been with PACU/APU/OR for the past three weeks. In the meantime, keep your grades as high as possible. Good luck to you as well. Good luck! Aquafina1. UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE OPPORTUNITIES You don’t have to put college on hold while you pursue a career in the Navy. I just found out that I am missing some medical info so that will slow me down (again). I'm especially impressed by the camaraderie among the hopefuls and those who are in . Student Nurse Technician U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs May 2020 - Present 8 months. You can lie and tell them that there's nothing wrong with you. I'm especially impressed by the camaraderie among the hopefuls and those who are in . The Navy Reserve offers guaranteed career paths for engineers who meet the following criteria: - US Citizen - Up to 41 years old (older with prior service) - GPA 3.0+ - Within physical fitness and medical standards. Did you have multiple interviews? I guess my … Let me know if I can be of help on application..

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