if the stem of a plant is bent or snapped


It didn't break the stem clean off, but it didn't look good either. Eventually the branches just held up on their own and I removed the dowel entirely. I don't want to loose the plant as it has taken me 8 1st time triles to bring up the plant from collected seeds. 5 or 6 long stems broke off in the process so I decided to get on with propagating my ZZ Plant by rooting these stem cuttings in water. I took some duct tape and secured it back onto the stem and it stands upright like nothing had happened. Give it some time to repair the bent area and it'll be back on track :). Starting while the plant is still young makes the whole process go much more easily! I had to figure out how to repair a broken tomato plant stem. It's still attached on one side but the stem is definitely snapped and it's basically dangling by what little is left attached. Expect some stunted growth for a week or two now though. Another reason why your plants may suffer broken and bent stems is the use of growing methods. Helpful. It didn’t fully separate but it was only hanging on by a thread. Always use clean pruning shears to prevent spread of disease or bacteria. u/stankgreenCRX. But most of the way thru the main stem! I went to move it today as it is in a plant pot and managed to snap the stem near the bottom of the plant . Theyre a mixture of 2nd earlies and mains and flowers were just satrting to open on the 2nd earlies. 2 years ago. I did the same thing, basically broke the stems so they were barely hanging on, and it did the same thing, just repaired itself. TGH. 1st time grower. This thread is archived. Posted by. Any and all advice appreciated. Wipe the shears with rubbing alcohol or a mixture of 1-part bleach to 9-parts water. Global Moderator; Hero Member; Location: Loughborough. The bent stem and the support structure are joined using tape so the support structure can serve as a cushion for the bent stem as it undergoes repair. 4. That stem is a lost cause, but more stems will grow out at the base. Lorraine- mine bent for seemingly no reason, it's got 2 branches and they just started to bend- I used a dowel & rubber bands to prop it (cut the bands & tied them around), and moved the rubber bands on a regular basis gradually giving less support to the branches. Depending on the techniques used, branches, stems or even leaves can start to break or bend on their own. Answers (1) Mikayla 10 August, 09:14. by bending it you just broke some plant cells but that's ok, as plant cells for legumes revive relatively quick. At attorney charges a fixed fee of $250 for an initial meeting and $150 per hour for all hours worked after that. Snapped the main stem very low on the plant... will she bounce back? 379 Posts . Cheers I immediately taped it like a casket, however the plant has extremely wilted away I was also wondering if I were to put a splint on it to hold it up straight would it heal and stay up right. In the following video, I explain how because recently the edge of a tropical storm brought high winds that did a bit of damage in my garden, including to a tomato. These plants will recover from almost anything. Put the broken piece in a jar of water, and when it develops roots, plant it in a container of potting soil, or plant the stem directly in potting soil. Look into "supercropping" if you're not familiar with it. Unless you’re a much more delicate with your planting habits than I am, it’s almost inevitable that you’ll end up accidentally breaking off a branch or two when you’re planting your flowerbed, vegetable garden or flowerbox. Even if you broke it almost clean off and it was just hanging on by a thread I'd say stick it back together and don't touch it for a week. Oh no, you broke a stem… but maybe you can turn it into a new plant! Plant will focus energy on fixing the snap. I have 3 plants from bag weed. I have just brought a ZZ Plant from Ebay and when I unpacked it I discovered the top of the main stem has snapped and folded over (photo below). Question. Close. I’d never propagated long stems of a ZZ Plant in water before so I was curious as to how it would go. The snapped stem should heal stronger. This is one of those things. Perhaps I bent it too much or too fast , the main stem started breaking. The second unopened bud, and the part that killed me the most, not to mention the amaryllis, had clean snapped through and was dangling by a fleshy thread. I watered sparingly, and after approximately 3 weeks began to see signs of life. I'm going to try this with leaves that broke off of my Aloe plant. The break in the stem happened about 3"1/2 up from the bottom. Often, broken stems can be used to start new plants. All of the plants are doing great which is a salute to how tough the ZZ really is. rledonaldson Posts: 9. i took a 2 inch piece of tie wire & pushed 1/2 of it into the hollow part on stem / it was snug . Take note that the bent stem can become too rigid if you are trying to train your plant too fast. i pinched the stem and bent it and it SNAPPED, like it came apart and its now hanging off my plant.. will it repair itself or should i just top it where it broke Click to expand... Get some scissors and do a clean topping, and no worries, now your branches below the snap will get nice and thick having almos the same affect as super cropping. The damage was, alas, severe. It does say when the ''stem'' bends or cracks, not the branches. The flowering stem had bent in two places and while still attached, was well beyond working functionality. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . (these are also in large flower pots) Plants are about 24"to30" tall total. I take care of a lot of plants. Find the slope and y-intercept for the data. Archived. 100% Upvoted. It’s important to use bending techniques from the beginning of a plant’s life because stems start getting stiff as they get older. However, even if you’re careful, it can be easy to snap a stem by accident. I can tell you this though, If there wasn't a visible tearing apart then you'll most likely be fine. Once, I planted a lemon sapling in my backyard, it was growing well. You tube "hemp in a … Every once-in-a-while, I learn something that's worth sharing. The most common damage that you can inflict on your autoflower plants when you are training them is to fold or bend over the stem of a branch. You need to exercise caution when choosing your … I have a cucumber plant about 6weeks old and the stem has been broken. My question is, will she be able to fuse the broken parts of the stem back together? And when I run out of plants, I take care of my neighbors'. Ive no idea what i should be doing with them now. Hope it works!! C. clembomber. Is there a chance that it will heal over the break and continue growing or should I lop it off and try repotting it. I noticed it when it was half broken (the stem being vertical, it has a horizontal crack into the middle of the stem). The stem will be bent permanently, but since I was laying branches down for my LST work it worked out perfect. Remove it down towards the base. If she was upright and not bent over, she'd be about 11" tall. … The Garden Helper is a free gardening encyclopedia and guides to growing and caring for gardens, plants and flowers. If the stem of your orchid is bent or snapped, but not completely broken off, there may be hope for your orchid in this season yet! Definitely interesting. Michael Fuller. I dry until the branches snap cleanly in half, then cure. If it is small and just bent over you could use a small stick to prop it up, if it is big and completely snapped then you should cut it cleanly to just above some leaves on the stalk and it might grow up with a lot of sunflower heads. Is there any way in which I can salvage it? There are inner part of the stem and outer part of the stem; in a plant the inner part supports the movement of the water and nutrients. share. It is very soft and has trouble staying upright this whole summer because of how full it is . Image by vetcw3.. The stem was not completely severed but snapped about half way through. If the stem of a plant is bent or snapped, why does the part above the bend usually die, even if it is propped up with a support? Welcome to The Garden Helper! Logged R.I.P Bobby Smiler Smith.....love you always little fella. It's a high stress training method. i then covered the wound with petroleum jelly / all over. Questions in other subjects: Mathematics, 13.11.2020 04:40. And of course, bent stems could rot, taking the entire part of the plant with it. Would it be ok for me to prune the broken top of the plant off?, it a lovely looking plant but the bent top kind of ruins the look of it. I have temporarily wrapped plastic cling film around the stem and it is holding itself up as the stem is bent over slightly supporting the break. Hi I have a tomato plant that I was tying the main stem to a bamboo stake this morning. bean plants are viney legumes with a history of surviving tough environments. During watering a small piece of a nearby tree broke off and landed directly on my plant and snapped the main stem near the base. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jun 10, 2012. 1 year ago. Snapped or Bent Stem. Question. There are a few branches below the snap, as well as MANY branches above! Sometimes it happens. Reply. Runner bean stem snapped. It hasn't broken completely and is still hanging on. 11 0 0. DD. According to web site Gardening Know How, just because your plant is limp and brown doesn't mean it's necessarily dead. Bent stems could make it hard for blooms to get food, water and nutrients. A snapped Blueberry plant repaired with electrical tape and twine. Bent/folded stems. When you are pulling your plants stems too strongly with LST then if the stem that you are training is too rigid or you are training it too fast then it can easily fold in half. Sort by. HELP PLEASE. Much to my dismay it snapped the main stalk pretty good about 12" up from the soil. Helping gardeners grow their dreams since 1997. Because they want to get high yields quickly, a section of growers may resort to using low-stress or high-stress growing techniques. i then pressed the other end down till it was lined up just as she was before she broke in half. You need to act fast and the action you need to take depends on the severity of the injury. Answers. It's about 6 feet tall with about a 1 1/2 in main stem. I found out that you CAN save plants by using tape. First, I will write out the simple, few steps on how to fix a broken tomato plant. The best course of action is to offer the stem additional support, which you could do either horizontally or vertically. Snapped the main stem very low on the plant... will she bounce back? If he's talking about hanging a whole plant then by the time the stem is that dry the branches will be very dry, snap dry. Will it heal togerther to be strong enough to stand by it self by placing a splint on the side of the stem. Verticle Support 0. save hide report. The support structure is introduced into the soil close to the plant to the height of the bent stem. I am growing runner beans and the plant is a few feet tall. on Jun 30, 2020. May 2018 in Problem solving. And I did. Everything a above it is fine and still growing but I'm concerned that the reduced thickness or the … 4 comments. References. We had some really strong winds today and when I got home 1 out of my 3 tomato plants had broke free of its twine and was laying on the ground. some of my potato plants have had there stems snapped in the recent downpours and winds. When I did this the top 3" of the plant got bent and snapped. I repotted my large fallen aloe, with very few roots, straight into a pot with standard multi compost and buried the bottom inch or so. While I was on vacation a tomato plant of mine bent of from it's weight and has a damaged spot from the bend now. the last two times the plant rebounded but after a week a black fungus developed so thats what im trying to avoid.

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